Your support makes a real difference in real students' lives. Your generous gifts allow bright, determined, and hard-working individuals to fulfill their dreams and complete their degrees through scholarships. 

Take a look at some scholar highlights (from Carlow University Magazine, Summer 2015). 

English/Secondary Education Scholar


Jeremy Peter Hopper, an English/secondary education student in the class of 2017, hopes to carry Carlow’s mission into Pittsburgh area high school classrooms, shaping generations of area teens. His scholarship helps him realize his dream. And he wants to pay that kindness forward.

“Receiving such generosity absolutely inspires me to give to others,” he says. “Without the help of this scholarship, I would have much trouble finding ways to continue my education, so I feel the need and desire to give back in any way possible.”


Nursing Scholar


Thanks to the Rose Marie Beard Woman of Spirit® Honors Scholarship, nursing student Sarah Hemminger was able to study abroad in Ireland. Originally established in 2002, Beard scholarships have helped more than 60 Carlow students enrich their academic lives. 

“Receiving this scholarship has been such an honor for me,” she says. “Studying abroad was an amazing experience that had a huge impact on the person I am today.”


Social Work Scholar


Tammie Krepp, a social work student who transferred from the Community College of Allegheny County, is a part-time adult student. She knows too well what it’s like to balance life with school. Scholarships help her make dreams a reality. Some day, she’ll be able to give back, too. 

“As I continue to pursue my career in social work and develop professionally,” says Krepp, “I plan to help others to reach their full potential and to improve their quality of life.”