Carlow university campus from the 1950s

Prepare for the future by studying the past

Knowledge of history is essential for success in a rapidly changing world. Understanding humanity’s recorded experience gives you the information and perspective you need in order to be able to think in an orderly way about the world: its economics, politics, cultures, legal systems, and religions.

The history program at Carlow University has achieved the building of a strong major. Students can select among highly unique courses in popular cultural studies, history of multiculturalism, history of the labor movement and Pittsburgh's role in it, gender history, Irish American History, utopian studies, and African American History. History seniors present their original research in the semester prior to their graduation.

The annual Scholarship Day at Carlow provides opportunities for presenting outcomes of faculty/student collaboration.

Get a head start on a master's degree

You can boost your way into a master's in education with our 4+1 system -- spend 4 years as a History undergrad and get your MEd in just one year.

Program highlights 

  • History major Chloe Nientimp won a paid internship with the Fund for the Public Interest, which is a nationwide non-profit that builds people power for leading social change groups like US PIRG and PennEnvironment. Chloe worked on their campaign to defend the environmental protections that give us clean air and water and that preserve public lands; and helped the Fund for Public Interest mobilize public support around these issues. 
  • In addition to having built a unique History major, our Program has contributed several courses to such components of our recently implemented new core curriculum COMPASS as Critical Exploration (Homestead Strike; History and Hysteria), Contemplation and Action (Joan of Arc), and Social Responsibility (Modern Wars--under design for 2018).


 Carlow University at Selma
A history of Carlow University and the Civil Rights movement (from Carlow Magazine)


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Homestead Pump House Foundation
Heinz History Center
Soapbox, Inc.

Association for American Studies
Society for Working-Class Studies
Society for Utopian Studies

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