Carlow University uses a notification system, e2Campus, that is capable of sending short emergency messages instantly and simultaneously to all registered email addresses, mobile phones (including iPhones, Blackberrys, Android) wireless PDAs, pagers, and other smartphones. Emergency messages are also posted to Carlow's homepage at All Carlow email addresses are automatically enrolled: students, faculty and staff will need to complete, sign, and submit the appropriate form found on myPortal (Carlow login required) to register additional contact devices, if they choose.

Messages will be of an urgent or emergency nature only.

This will be the most effective way for you to receive notifications critical to your safety and well-being.

Thank you for your participation.

Tests for the e2Campus system will be conducted periodically throughout the school year. You will recieve prior notification of all scheduled tests.


Here are a few FAQ's about the e2Campus system:

Q: What is e2Campus?

A: e2Campus gives you info on the go. Sign-up on myPortal and then receive customized, up-to-date school information such as important news, campus closings, or emergency information.

Q: How do I sign up for e2Campus alerts?

A: Your Carlow email is already enrolled in this service, to register cellular devices, additional email addresses or voice devices you must complete a signed form on myPortal to the appropriate department.

Q: Will this cost me anything?

A: Probably not. Our system sends standard text messages and email. Standard text message charges may apply from your wireless provider, depending on your text message plan. If you have an unlimited text messaging plan, then there would be no additional charge.

Q: Can I change my contact preferences?

A: Yes. You can change your account settings to add different email addresses or phone numbers by submitting a completed, signed form found on myPortal to the appropriate department.

Q: How do I Opt-Out (remove myself) from receiving e2Campus alerts?

A: You may opt-out any cellular device by simply sending a reply to any text message from the E2 syatem with the word "STOP" and only the word "STOP". To opt-out of email or voice services you must submit a completed, signed form to the appropriate department.

Q: Will I receive unsolicited messages ("SPAM") on my mobile phone or email account?

A: NO. e2Campus enforces a ZERO SPAM policy which clearly prohibits unsolicited messages, and e2Campus does not sell the contact information of our subscribers to third party marketers.

Q: Does your service work on multiple cell phone networks?

A: Yes. e2Campus is a cross-carrier service. See a list of wireless carriers supported here.

Q: Do I need to install software on my phone?

A: No. e2Campus uses the industry standard SMS text messaging protocol to send messages to your phone. Your mobile phone plan will need to accept text messages to work properly.