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Make an Impact at Carlow University

The difference between us and other universities is clear. At Carlow, we aren't satisfied to simply do well. We must also do good.

Our students, alumni, faculty, and staff seek out positive ways to apply their talents. Terms such as contribute, improve, and join in are part of the vernacular. We wake knowing the actions we put forth each day can make a meaningful impact.

Carlow is not just a place for students to learn. It’s also an incubator for goodness, service and, above all, mercy. We know that achieving personal success doesn't require us to leave others behind. In fact, we know that there is no way we can “go it alone” in order to get where we really want to go.

At Carlow, we live each day knowing that if we want our world to be different, truly better, then it is up to us to make it happen. We are leaders in a merciful world. We are Carlow.

"I want to help them address the issues that led them to homelessness and help them become productive members of society once again." - Jessi Dobos Marsh, director of development at the Light of Life Rescue Mission

Carlow students strive to make an impact on our world. 

Here are just a few of the programs and majors that enable our graduates to use their ethics and ideas to make more just and merciful communities:

Carlow nurses are meaningfully different, bringing with a them a special level of care and attention to patients.

Social Work.
Our students are equipped with the knowledge, skills and ethics necessary to serve individuals, families, organizations, and communities.

We emphasize that the teacher relationship needs to be collaborative, kind and characterized by advocacy for the student.

Carlow's business students recently assisted small business owners in Uganda, improving lives and economies. 

Art Therapy.
Carlow's Art Therapists work in some of the area's best facilities, treating those who need it most. 


We help the good get better.

We help the good get better

We don't need to talk up the ethical leaders who step through Carlow's doors -- our students and faculty can speak for themselves, like social work professor Jessica Friedrichs, passionate about making a difference; Carol Glock, founder of the Glock Foundation; education alum Chelsea Schreiner, teacher and volunteer with Higher Achievement.      

a statue on Carlow University campus

Mercy is in our bones

Carlow University is a direct descendent of the values of the Sisters of Mercy founded by Catherine McAuley. Once known as Mount Mercy College, Carlow continues to promote and exemplify the central tenets: mercy, hospitality, service, discovery and the sacredness of creation.      

“We need to think about what’s wrong with the world and what we’re doing to change it, using the time we have and the gifts that we’re given.” - Rachel Fitzgerald, BA Art Therapy Preparation


We give away our gifts. Carlow University has many discounts and scholarships specifically offered to students who lead by their own examples of selflessness and service. Carlow recently announced the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh Award, offered to students at any level of pre-college diocese education.
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Carlow is home to august institutions like The Grace Ann Geibel Institute for Justice and Social Responsibility, but also smaller initiatives like our Youth Media Advocacy Project.
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Students can find their niche from a broad selection of undergraduate and graduate offerings. Experiences in service learningcommunity building, and ethical leadership set Carlow alumni apart from the crowd.
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