Everything that Sounds in the Forest

About the Exhibition

"Everything That Sounds In The Forest" presents original work from contemporary artists that explores the traditional and rural dynamics of the Peruvian Amazon from the lenses of indigeneity and contemporaneity. From these perspectives, the artists approach the Amazon as a diverse and complex space presented in varied media and creative practices. The exhibition features embroideries, paintings, prints, and photographs that explore topics such as nature, mythologies, the lived experience of Amazonians, local customs, and knowledge, gender, identity, social, and environmental issues.

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The Peruvian Amazon is both the largest and most bio-diverse area of tropical rainforest in the world and the place where a variety of ancestral groups live, as well as a space where important cities flourish, and a complex urban life takes place. In the Amazon region, everything is especially particular and authentic, and each sound accounts for its diversity: the millions of songs, roars, and steps of the animals, the sounds of plants and their fruits, the murmur of rivers which paint the atmosphere with lights and colors, the singing of the fish that are part of the daily life of the riverside dwellers, the onomatopoeic sounds that give name, in different native languages, to the most amazing things and beings that one can imagine, and even the particular sounds of the motorcycles and nightclubs of the modern cities.

This exhibition presents a selection of contemporary artists inspired by the Amazon –from this region and elsewhere- and the way this diverse and complex space, has inspired their works.

The pieces selected for this exhibition have been generously borrowed by Christian Bendayán and Bufeo / amazonía+arte, a project dedicated to the research and promotion of Amazonian art, who works from Lima, Peru. Previously, "Everything That Sounds in the Forest" was shown at the University of West Florida Pensacola Museum of Art in 2018.


Graciela Arias, Christian Bendayán, Lastenia Canayo, Harry Chávez, Frank Gaudlitz, Thomas Locke Hobbs, Roldán Pinedo, Adrián Portugal, Elena Valera, Rember Yahuarcani, Santiago Yahuarcani

This exhibition is guest-curated by Christian Bendayán, an artist and independent researcher of Amazonian art and Gabriela Germana, Visiting Instructor, School of Art & Art History, University of South Florida Ph.D. Candidate for the Art History Department at Florida State University.