According to a recent report by the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, a worker shortage is on the horizon. By 2025, Pittsburgh will have lost more workers, due to retirement and relocation, than it will have gained. That's the bad news. The good news?

Carlow is here to help.

Students at Carlow are perfectly positioned to take up where those retirees and expats left off, forging ahead with businesses of their own, or taking on exciting roles in emerging industries. Pittsburgh and Carlow are a perfect match: the city needs educated workers, and Carlow's making the best there are. 

"The Steel City is ranked first on LinkedIn’s New Grad Index, 92% of its real estate could affordably be rented to recent college grads, and educated young people make up more than 5% of its population." - Graduation Nation: Best (And Worst) Cities For New Graduates In 2016, which named Pittsburgh #1

The answer to Pittsburgh's worker shortage is #ClearlyCarlow.

"We have a strong commitment to southwestern Pennsylvania and contributing to a vibrant Pittsburgh..." - President Suzanne K. Mellon, PhD

You can't argue with numbers

Carlow's latest career report shows a 99% outcome rate for job seekers with a median starting yearly salary of $50,000. Learn more about what those numbers mean on our Outcomes page. 


Yasmin Shaheed

More than a project wrangler or a whiz with spreadsheets, Yasmin Shaheed has a twinkle in her eye that tells you in one look; if there is a secret ingredient to success, this 2016 MBA graduate has got it.


Gina & Jayna

Gina Minerva is a full-time registered nurse (RN) at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. Her daughter Jayna Baker is an RN in an infant care unit at Excela Health in Westmoreland County.


Kristy Giandomenico

Kristy went from reluctant student to a full-time position as a program assistant with Leadership Pittsburgh, Inc., thanks in part to Carlow's famously supportive community and Kristy's enthusiasm for volunteering. 

VA Pittsburgh

Charlotte Murray

Charlotte was already a registered nurse, but she wanted to advance to areas of the Pittsburgh healthcare industry that simply weren't available to her. She came to Carlow for her RN to BSN and moved right into a new phase of her career with more responsibilities and more opportunities. 

South Fayette

Lindsay Zolkiewicz

"I found a job the day I graduated, working in a field I love." She's now working as a kindergarten and after-school teacher within the South Fayette School District.


Taylor Corn

"At Carlow, every single professor really cared about my success. I probably wouldn't have gone to law school if I hadn't gone to Carlow." Taylor did exactly that -- she's a law student at Duquesne University.