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Philanthropy has a long and distinguished history in Pittsburgh: From the 19th-century onwards, those who live and work here have given generously to sustain causes and institutions that enhance our quality of life. Andrew Carnegie, whose name is found on the local museums and libraries he created, set a high standard for future philanthropy. Giving to and at Carlow University is no different. Steeped in the rich history and mission of the Sisters of Mercy, responding to unmet needs has become a hallmark of the University, one which is impressed upon our students throughout their time here. As alumni they are asked to pay forward the opportunities and support they received, so that future generations of Carlow students can do good and do well.

Every year, hundreds of Carlow University alumni, parents, and friends respond to this call and express their support for the University through philanthropic gifts to the Carlow Fund. The Carlow Fund is an annual campaign that runs from July 1-June 30 every year and accepts gifts of any size - you can make a difference whether you have $10 or $10,000 to give!

This is because giving to the Carlow Fund harnesses the collective power of community and enables the University to close the gap between opportunity and reality for many students; to find solutions, inspire change makers, and share knowledge; and to ensure that Carlow University, and its graduates, are positioned for success, now and in the future.

Are you ready to make an immediate difference in the life of a Carlow student?

Gifts to the Carlow Fund are a perfect way to honor the memory and legacy of a beloved teacher, classmate, or family member. Gifts given in honor of reunion milestones can be designated to the Carlow Fund, and can even be given specifically to a scholarship account to help those students most in need.

You can even choose to make a gift monthly or quarterly using our secure and easy online giving form. Just click here - and thank you for helping to sustain success at Carlow!  

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