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Majors and Degrees

Carlow University has a strong committment to social justice, academic excellence, and student success with more than 40 undergraduate and 35 graduate and certificate programs. Within six months of graduation, 97 percent of its graduates are employed or enrolled in an advanced degree program.  

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Program Major Minor Graduate Online Accelerated
Accounting M m A
Art M m G
Art Education M G
Behavioral Neuroscience M
Biology M m G
Business Administration (MBA) G O A
Business Management M m O A
Chemistry M m
Communication M m O
Counseling Psychology (PsyD) G
Creative Writing M m G
Creative Writing (MFA) G
Criminology M m A
Curriculum and Instruction G
Cyber Threat and Research Analytics G
Data Analytics M m
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) G
Early Childhood Education M G A
Early Development and Learning M
Education M G O A
English M m
Forensic Accounting M A
Fraud and Forensics (MS) G O A
General Studies M
Health Coach (Minor) m
Healthcare Data Analytics M O
Health Management M O A
History M m
Human Resource Management M m A
Information Technology Management (Minor) m G
Liberal Studies M
Mathematics M m
Modern Languages (Minor) m
Nursing M G O A
Philosophy (Minor) m
Political Science M m A
Pre-Law (Minor) m A
Pre-Med, Pharm, Dentist M
Professional Counseling (MS) G A
Psychology M m G A
Respiratory Care M O
Secondary Education G
Social Work M m G
Sociology (Minor) m
Special Education M G A
Student Affairs (MA) G A
Theatre (Minor) m
Theology (Minor) m
Women's and Gender Studies (Minor) m