Spend a few minutes talking with sophomore liberal studies major Tevin Scott, and you’ll pick up on his love of learning. That’s why the liberal arts attracted him. As did attending a small college in the midst of a vibrant city. But his connection to Carlow goes deeper still.

Tevin Scott

Tevin Scott“I chose Carlow for its dedication to social justice. Social justice is important to me because you can’t have a successful society without it,” he says.

Scott seeks to learn from his classmates and other community members. Although he does not practice any one religion, he participates in activities offered through the Office of Campus Ministry. He enjoys meeting people of different faiths, getting involved in discussion, and sharing his own views.

More than anything, Scott looks forward to studying abroad in Lyon, France in the summer of 2017. A native of Pittsburgh, he feels crossing an ocean will give him a sense of independence, while allowing him to study the French language he loves.

“I’ll gain communication and interpersonal skills,” he says. And maturity.”

Thoughtful and reflective, Scott considers how he’d like to make an impact in the future. As a student of need, he wants other young adults to gain equal opportunities.

“We’re told that school is one of the most important things. For those who are at the bottom financially, like me, it’s getting harder to afford the education that’s so important. And there are lots of students just like me,” Scott says.

He adds: “It’s important to advocate for those who are disenfranchised, for those who don’t have a powerful voice.” 

By Ann Lyon Ritchie