2016 She Plays for Carlow

What's it like to be in a TV commercial? More importantly, what's different about being a Carlow athlete?

Kristina Hudock has spent countless hours in the St. Joseph Hall gymnasium. But one Saturday morning this past summer, this Carlow volleyball student-athlete saw the gym in a whole new light. She was invited to star in a commercial that would air in the regional television market during the 2016 Olympic Games.

“The gym was lit up so differently,” said Hudock, a junior early childhood education major from Uniontown, Pa. “I was expecting something small, but there was an actual film crew, and that’s when I realized this was a big deal. It was really cool.”

Hudock was joined by teammates Mia Marmion and Michaela Koran. Their jumps, digs, and sets took center stage. Hudock saw the finished product for the first time while she was watching the gold medal-winning Team USA women’s gymnastics squad.

“My grandma actually called, and she was like ‘It’s on! It’s on!’ My mom was waiting for it and wanted to record it,” Hudock recalled, with a smile. “There was Simone Biles, and then there was Kristina Hudock—Whoa!”

Beneath the glamour was a message Hudock was proud to share: What drives a Carlow athlete. The commercial highlighted values Hudock and her teammates take seriously. Respect. Trust. Dignity. Faith.

“It was exactly what I would want to tell anyone about being a Carlow athlete,” Hudock said. “My coach respects me 100 percent. Being a Carlow athlete is about playing for something bigger than me—playing for Carlow. None of our jerseys have our names on the back. It’s about playing for respect for the school and respect for each other, and having the Champions of Character attitude while we play. It means being a great athlete and a great person all-around.”


By Kristin Seamon