"Carlow University put the ‘H’ in hospitality when it comes to freshman move-in day."

KDKA-TV, August 2016



"It changed my work ethic."

High school student D’ontae Carter about the Summer Learning Program led by Carlow professor Howard Stern, PhD (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, August 2016)



"Papa believed that women should have a good education, just like men... I guess Papa believed in equality for women back then."

Alice McKeever Riley ’33, Carlow’s oldest living alumna (Pittsburgh Magazine online, June 2016)



"Sexism and racism have been around in politics for a long time."

Allyson Lowe, PhD, dean, College of Leadership and Social Change, in “How Some Local PoliSci Professors are Handling Trump vs. Clinton” (Pittsburgh Business Times, October 2016)



"It made me feel sort of guilty. I'm going to live in a nice home... and there’s generations of people being born in these refugee camps."

Campus School student Alexandria Westray after touring Doctors Without Borders' refugee camp traveling exhibition (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, October 2016)



"This is a launching point for a dialogue about people who have been singled out and branded persona non grata."

Carlow President Suzanne K. Mellon, PhD, about common reader, How Does it Feel to Be a Problem? Being Young and Arab in America by Moustafa Bayoumi (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, August 2016)