Cheese Please

Generations of Carlow Students Fueled by Sciulli's Pizza

Scuilli's Pizza on Fifth AvenueSciulli's Pizza is more than just a place to get great pizza on a college student’s budget. (A large pepperoni pizza will only set you back around 10 bucks.) It’s a bona fide Carlow University institution.

Oriente Sciulli and his brother, Antonio, came over from Italy in 1965. Like so many immigrants, they found employment in the steel mills. When those same mills started to close, the Sciullis saw an opportunity instead of a setback. 

Located at 3404 Fifth Avenue, right across from Frances Warde Hall, the university’s main residence hall, Sciulli’s Pizza was founded by the Sciulli brothers in 1981. Those 36 years equal thousands of Carlow students, many of whom have fond memories of Sciulli’s—and are eager to share them. 

A Facebook post about Sciulli’s on Carlow University’s page brought out dozens of comments from the many lives—and stomachs—touched by the brothers’ pizza.

“Sciulli’s is the ‘Cheers’ of Carlow....everybody knows your name there,” writes David Gallaher, associate professor of chemistry. “At least the names of the Chemistry faculty, that is.”

Courtney Durante: “I miss the food so much. Love that place!”

Kimberly Bousquet: “Best. Pizza. Ever.”

Anita Brown Levels: “Good people!!! So glad they’re still there.”

Gemma Wesolowski Rusnak: “It is the absolute best!!! Ate there many times as a student and have taken people there on visits to Pittsburgh!!! Miss their pizza!! Still talk about how good it is.”

These days, Oriente has plenty of help from his nephews Luciano and Eutimio, a couple of Pittsburgh guys with just as much passion for the food as their uncle—the ingredients, from the sauce to the dough, are made fresh every day.

If you’re hungry and around Carlow’s campus, give Sciulli’s a try. Like so many of Carlow’s alums, you’ll probably go back again. And again. And again.

By James Foreman with additional reporting by Jonathan Winkler, Oakland Business Improvement District