Voices From the Attic

Voices from the Attic is a publication of the best work from the Madwomen in the Attic writing workshops taught by Jan Beatty and several Carlow English faculty members.

Madwomen in the Attic are a group of women, ages 21-98, who meet weekly at Carlow to study the craft of writing. They are unique in their pursuits and in their method of workshop: as serious writers, they bring their poems, stories, and nonfiction drafts to class—but also, they bring a generous support for each other as they offer good feeling and solidarity as an integral part of the challenging and relentless work of writing.

Voices from the Attic - Vol XVIV

Vol XVIV - 2013 [pdf] 

Voices from the Attic - Vol XVIII  
Vol XVIII - 2012  [pdf]

Voices from the Attic - Vol XVI

 Vol XVI - 2010  [pdf]

Voices from the Attic - Vol XV

Vol XV - 2009
Voices from the Attic - Vol XIV

 Vol XIV - 2008