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Transferring Credits

Two commonly asked transfer questions

  1. Must I have previous college classes prior to attending Carlow, and what are your admission requirements?  
    Carlow has procedures in place for students without prior college experience to start as an adult freshmen. If you are a transfer student, admission is based upon your grade point average from transferring institutions and requirements do vary upon chosen major.

  2. How many of my credits will transfer into Carlow?  
    A maximum of 90 credits can be transferred into Carlow. In order to determine what will transfer an official evaluation of previous credits must be completed.

FAQ for First-year student

Course Transfer Evaluations

Undergraduate students

Want to transfer credits from a previous college or university to Carlow? We'll do a course transfer evaluation to determine if and how many courses you've taken at another school will transfer.

You'll need at least a 2.0 GPA in the courses you want to transfer--and some programs require a higher GPA: Nursing (3.25 or higher); Early Childhood Education (3.0 if you have 48 or more credits), and Biology with the Master of Science in Cardiovascular Perfusion accelerated option (3.5 or higher overall and 3.5 or higher in the sciences).

Transfer credit evaluation also determines whether or not incoming you'll need to complete the University’s placement tests prior to enrollment. Placement tests will determine which skills or core classes you'll need to complete once enrolled.

Graduate students

Six to 12 graduate credits may be accepted for graduate credit by Carlow at the discretion of the program director/department chair. The credits you want to transfer have to be comparable or complementary to the Carlow University program--and you needed to have earned a grade of B or higher. Some programs require that credits be earned no more than five years prior to enrollment in a Carlow University graduate program. The following chart provides an example of the credits that may be accepted based upon the total number of credits in the program.

EXAMPLE: Total Graduate Credits and Potential Transfer Credits:
30-credit program = 6 transfer credits 48-credit program = 9 transfer credits 60-credit program = 12 transfer credits

Bring your transcripts and receive and on-the-spot admission decision!

If you're a student at a Pennsylvania community college (such as CCAC) or a Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Center (PA TRAC) participating school, you can see for yourself what courses are equivalent to Carlow courses through PA TRAC or by using the form at the bottom of this page. The Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Center (PA TRAC) is intended as a "one-stop shop" for transfer information related to Pennsylvania's statewide transfer and articulation system and participating colleges and universities such as Carlow University.

Search for your school in the tool below to determine if your credit will transfer to Carlow:

Visit (PA TRAC) to create your student account and obtain comprehensive transfer information about transferring to or from participating Pennsylvania colleges and universities such as Carlow. Transfer tool above powered by If you are having trouble using the above transfer tool, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at 412.578.6059 or

If you receive credit for courses you transfer to Carlow, you still must earn 32 credits at Carlow, in order to meet core, support, and requirements for your major.