For a complete breakdown of the Cost of Attendance used to calculate your financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office at 412.578.6389 or

If have graduated from high school within the past four years, Carlow considers you a traditional undergraduate student. 


2019-2020 Academic Year

This is the tuition and fees schedule for traditional undergrads for the 2019-2020 academic year:

 Tuition (12-18 credits) $14,826.00 $29,652.00
 University Fee $190.00 $380.00
 Student Activity Fee      $122.00 $244.00
 Technology Fee $88.00 $176.00
 Health & Wellness Fee $38.00 $76.00
 Total Tuition and Fees $15,264.00  $30,528.00 
Credits Carried in Addition to 18 
(cost per credit includes fees)
 Meal Plan (3 options available) $2,880.00 $5,760.00
 Room - double occupancy $3,071.00 $6,142.00
 Room - single occupancy $5,314.00 $10,628.00


PART-TIME Undergrad Courses Per Credit
 Tuition (1-11 credits) $943.00
SUMMER Undergrad Courses
(excluding Perfusion & AIP)
 Per Credit
 Tuition $716.00
Undergrad taking Graduate Level Courses Per Credit
 Tuition $970.00
All Part-Time and Summer Courses     Per Credit
 University Fee $15.00


Enrollment Deposit:   
New traditional undergraduate students  $200.00
New doctoral students $250.00

Above are credited to new student's tuition account for first semester of enrollment (non-refundable).

Upperclassman Room Holding Deposit: Reserves a specific room and will be deducted from the Spring semester bill. double: $100.00
single: $500.00


Explanation of Mandatory Fees


  • The University Fee provides funding for administrative services, academic support, police, and safety initiatives.
  • The Student Activity Fee provides direct financial support to student organizations, as managed by the Student Government Association.
  • The Technology Fee provides funding for quality technology resources and services such as the Help Desk, hardware and software support, technology-enabled classrooms, and wireless access.
  • The Health and Wellness Fee provides direct support to Health Services, Counseling Services, Wellness and Fitness, and the overall enhancement of student health and wellness.