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Through the Office of Mercy Heritage, the roots of the University are honored in the creation of a Mercy/Catholic ambiance, through programming and through mission-related events. One such event is Founders Fortnight, a two-week celebration — both serious and whimsical — honoring our Founders and highlighting the Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy: Women, Earth, Immigration, Racism, and Violence. Another is "Good Cup of Tea Day" when, in the Mercy tradition, we gather over tea and scones to learn about the international work of the Sisters of Mercy.

The Office of Mercy Heritage is one of the four offices within the Center for Mercy Heritage and Service.  


Founders Fortnight (September 16-27, 2019)

  • Free ice cream for all! Visit the ice cream truck by the lower entrance of the Commons between 1 and 3 and enjoy an ice cream cone to celebrate our 90th birthday. 
  • Mercy in the summer - Members of the Carlow community, along with representatives of other Mercy institutions, enjoyed experiences which strengthened their understanding of our mercy values. Students will describe their experience of Mercy at the UN and faculty and staff will reflect on the Carlow Roundtable. 12:30 p.m., second floor of the University Commons
  • First year students - Visit the Center for Mercy Heritage and Service on the second floor on the Commons. There will be treats to sweeten the experience.
  • Carlow day : An academic convocation will begin at 10:00 am in Antonian Theater and the opening Mass of the year in celebration of our 90th anniversary will be celebrated in St. Agnes Center at 2:30 pm with Bishop Zubil as the presider. This event will include the blessing of the Carlow community. Join in the procession which will winds its way down the driveway behind the piper starting at 2:15 p.m. 
  • Screening of "Most Unexpected Opening"  - the story of the Founding of our university through the eyes of Sister Regis Grace its first president. 12:30 pm in the Gailliot Center. Amazing cupcakes to follow.
  • Welcome reception for new members of the McDarby Institute - 3:00 pm Gailliot lobby
  • Sisters of Mercy dinner for evening students 4:30 – 6:00 AJP Atrium
  • Mercy Service Day

The Office Of Mercy Heritage Sponsors Two Signature Programs

The McDarby Institute

The McDarby Institute offers a yearlong opportunity for faculty and staff to meet on a monthly basis to discuss the richness and responsibilities of being a Mercy/Catholic institution. Participants engage in discussion of our identity and its implications for their work at the University. McDarby graduates meet on a regular basis to continue discussing materials related to our Mercy heritage.

Carlow Mercy Leaders

Carlow Mercy Leaders is an organization which welcomes students into a deeper relationship with our heritage. Members of the group meet monthly to learn our Mercy story, plan service projects, and carries out the service projects. Spring and fall retreats are also part of the annual program.