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Sponsored Programs and Research


The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (OSPR) works to advance a vision of inclusive empowerment and accountability of sponsored programs and research activities at Carlow University. OSPR plays a significant leadership role in developing and enhancing a centralized office that is engaging, respectable, appreciative, ethical and responsible, while being supportive of other units at Carlow.  

An Emerging Research Institution

OSPR will ensure the effective provision of catalytic, confident, competent, timely, and caring leadership to the university's community in the institutionalization of its prospective status as an emerging research institution. 

As an "office of inclusive opportunities," OSPR will develop, promote, nurture, and continually support a campus culture of active and evidence-based sponsored research engagement and enterprises that will build solidly and implement sound and holistic institutional capacity for competitive advantage in local, national and international extramural funding sources.


In recognizing, embracing, institutionalizing, sustaining, and leveraging Carlow University's inclusive theme of "Transforming lives. Transforming our world," we subscribe to a hybrid-type system of sponsored programs and research administration. View the OSPR Strategic Plan.

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