Social Justice Institutes

The Social Justice Institutes at Carlow University

Guided by the mission, history, and traditions of Carlow University and its founders and sponsors, the Sisters of Mercy, the Social Justice Institutes at Carlow University aim to facilitate systemic change by informing practice and educating for social justice. The SJI will support the University’s strategic plan by serving as an incubator for faculty research, providing opportunities and securing partnerships for community-based learning, and serving as a conduit for community engagement. 

THE GRACE ANN GEIBEL INSTITUTE FOR JUSTICE AND MERCY. The Grace Ann Geibel Institute for Justice and Mercy develops approaches that advance knowledge in an effort to challenge systemic oppression locally, nationally, and internationally, by engaging students, faculty, staff, and community in research education, and outreach.

WOMEN OF SPIRIT INSTITUTE®. The Women of Spirit Institute® program informs practice in communities through public scholarship/programming. Programming involves leadership and advocacy training, as well as public education and outreach.

THE CENTER FOR YOUTH MEDIA ADVOCACY. The Center for Youth Media Advocacy empowers teens to express their own voices, with a focus on education reform and improving the school environment, through the identification and analysis of the problems and the creation and distribution of high-quality media to advocate for change.

THE CENTER FOR COMMUNITY ENGAGED LEARNING. The Center for Community-Engaged Learning provides Carlow University students with the opportunity to apply disciplinary knowledge to contemporary social problems through partnerships with local nonprofits.

The SJI exists because of generous donations from people just like you. Please consider giving to the SJI -- even a small gift can go a long way.

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