Students who minor in sociology must take SO 152 and five (5) sociology electives.

Sociology Minor

Students who are majoring in another area of study, but who are interested in studying the social dimensions of problems, such as inequality, poverty, race, or gender may elect to minor in sociology. Sociology addresses some of the most challenging issues of our time and is an expanding field, if you wish to pursue an understanding of patterns of behavior, how social systems work, and how to craft policies and create programs. Sociology is an exciting discipline with expanding opportunities for a wide range of career paths.  

Sociology can train you to answer the "what," "how" and "why" questions about human societies, past and present, and allow you to explore and examine such topics as inequality, gender, and ethnicity, and globalization. The sociology curriculum takes advantage of Carlow’s urban location with an emphasis on community development, crime, poverty, racism, and other urban issues.   

Sociologists are typically motivated both by the desire to better understand the fundamental principles of social life as well as by the conviction that an understanding of these principles may aid in the formulation of more enlightened and effective social policy. Sociology provides a strong intellectual background for students considering careers in the professions or business.