Spring 2017 Noted and Quoted

“When I Am Empty,” a poem by Associate Professor of English Anne Rashid, PhD, is featured as the online “PQ Poem.”

  - Read it at pittsburghquarterly.com. (Pittsburgh Quarterly, January 2017)

“I don’t know how he did it, but I want to learn.” 

- a student of Kevin Spencer, adjunct professor of education. Spencer uses magic to reach special needs students. (Chico Enterprise-Record, Chico, Calif., February 2017)  

“We’re missing part of the equation if we’re not asking them to share what they think.”

- Associate Professor Jennifer Snyder-Duch, co-director, Youth Media Advocacy Project, on the Youth Participatory Budget Council, a project of the City of Pittsburgh, Carlow University, and SLB Radio Productions (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, January 2017)

Carlow University program addresses “cultural invisibility” of female writers.   

- Carlow Professor Jan Beatty, director of the Creative Writing program. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, January 2017)  

Gun violence target of Carlow’s Social Justice Institutes… The goal is to break the cycle of violence by helping victims better themselves through education.

- Pittsburgh Magazine online, January 2017  

“With the systems that are really broken in our society…it’s going to take everyday people to step up, figure out their position within that issue, and take some action around it.”

- Social Justice Institutes Director Jessica Ruffin speaking during the Salvation Army’s annual Man in a Box event promoting homeless awareness. (WBZZ-FM, February 2017)