Summer 2018 Noted and Quoted


"My message to you today is to never lose your dedication to making the world a better place. We can practice and promote mercy, service, and hospitality even in the smallest acts of kindness."

Devan Stanko, Joseph G. Smith Award winner and one of the 2018 Carlow University valedictorians, during her student address at Commencement.


"[Carlow University Social Work Professor Sheila] Roth has spent three decades working with first responders, even becoming one herself to understand the role more.”

From "These Advocates Want to Help Pittsburgh-Area First Responders Deal With Trauma" (The Incline, April 2018).


“Create a community of kinship so that God’s own dream for us—that we be one—will come true.”

Father Gregory J. Boyle, SJ, founder of Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles addressing Carlow University's Class of 2018. 


“We will never have true data security until we start holding companies—and their executives—legally and financially accountable for the security of any kind of consumer data they possess.”

Carlow University faculty Mary Onufer, MS, and Steve Mancini, Chief Technology Officer and Director of Strategic Operations at the National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance (, March 2018).


“And it will be a deeply subjective process when it’s inside the party because it’s loaded with a lot of internal workings and questions of ‘Who has been active in the party?’ and ‘Whose turn is it?’”

Allyson Lowe, PhD, Dean of the College of Leadership and Social Change on the 18th District special election for Congress (The Incline, October 2017).


“Mary Burke, a professor at Carlow University, said the internet has allowed [human] traffickers to make more money, and they use the internet to recruit, control, and sell victims online."

WPXI-TV, January 2018.