Retention Rate

This rate is for full-time, first-time, degree-seeking undergraduates who started in Fall 2015; the retention rate is the percent of students who returned for the second fall term. 

Retention rate for the fall 2015 cohort:  74%

Graduation Rates

Higher Education Opportunity Act Consumer Information

These data are for full-time, first-time, degree-seeking undergraduates; graduation rates include those who completed a bachelor's degree at Carlow within 150% of normal time (i.e., within six years).  As per Federal Department of Education guidelines, these data do not include students who transferred to another school and then graduated.

These data are for the undergraduate cohort entering in the fall of 2010.

Overall graduation rate:  57%

Graduation rate by gender






Graduation rates by race/ethnicity

   American Indian or Alaskan Native


   Asian or Pacific Islander


   Black, Non-Hispanic




   White, Non-Hispanic


   Nonresident Alien


   Race and Ethnicity Unknown


* too few students in the group to be statistically significant   

Graduation rates by financial aid status 

   Pell Grant Recipients


   Subsidized Stafford Loan Recipients without a Pell Grant


   Received neither a Pell Grant nor a Subsidized Stafford Loan