Had it not been for the intimate setting at Carlow, I might have been just another student in a huge crowd. Coming to Carlow is the best decision I ever made.  - Jalina McClarin


Carlow's counseling and psychology-related programs bring together academic disciplines that take a scientific approach to the study of human behavior. You'll learn tools and principles of communications to evaluate theories that describe and predict important aspects of the human experience.

Carlow's program offers depth and breadth in psychology coursework, along with a well-developed internship program and undergraduate research experiences. Students engage in research either independently or collaboratively with one another or with faculty.

Our coursework introduces you to important areas within psychology, such as cognitive, biological, and developmental psychology. Unique elective courses cover topics such as crisis and trauma, human development, abnormal psychology, and forensic psychology.  

Our experienced faculty place a high value on personal relationships and mentor students one-to-one through the program. Faculty have co-presented at conferences and co-published journal articles with undergraduates.


Students are prepared for employment and graduate study in psychology and related areas. The undergraduate psychology major is a good starting point for careers in which a knowledge of people's behavior and thinking processes is helpful, such as occupational therapy. Our recent graduates have taken employment at the following locations:


Undergraduate Opportunities:

Graduate Opportunities:

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Doctoral student Leah Russell found inspiration and motivation through her work with homeless veterans.