A political science education considers historical events, psychological behavior, and scientific analyses, to better understand government systems and political activity.

Our undergraduate Political Science program is committed to educating students who see themselves as part of the political process, both as citizens and scholars. Students engage in discussion, research, and other coursework that apply across the principal areas of political science: U.S. government, international and comparative politics, and political theory. Our program also provides students with opportunities to engage in applied politics, both locally and globally.

The program's mission, "scholarship, citizenship, leadership", exemplifies a foundation of Carlow's liberal tradition and the Mercy mission of social justice. 


Dr. Sandi DiMola was awarded the "Max & Esther Sestelli Excellence in Teaching Award". She has participated in the New York Times Cities of Tomorrow Conference: Designing Better Municipal Governments Through Citizen Engagement.

Dr. Sandi DiMola and Dr. Allyson Lowe are Fulbright Scholars in the German Studies Program.

Dr. Allyson Lowe was named a 2014 "Best Professor" by Pittsburgh Magazine, and was a 40 Under 40 Top Professional recipient in 2009. She also received the "Sisters of Mercy Advising Award", for her dedication to student success. 

Programs and Degrees in Political Science:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
  • Bachelor of Arts/Juris Doctor (3/3 program)
  • Political Science Minor
  • Public Policy Minor
  • Pre-Law Minor



Allyson Lowe, dean of the College of Leadership and Social Change, was among five Carlow professors featured in Pittsburgh Magazine as the city's best.