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With a mission to share an appreciation of the Mercy heritage and values with the Carlow community, the Center for Mercy Heritage and Service organizes pilgrimages. Participants can join the pilgrimages through the Mercy Leaders and the McDarby Institute.

Carlow Mercy Leaders is a student organization that promotes the history, spirit, and critical concerns of the Sisters of Mercy. Through learning, reflection and service, students deepen the spiritual dimension of their lives and commit themselves to the principles of servant leadership. Membership extends beyond graduation through participation in the creation of a just and merciful world beyond our campus.

The McDarby Institute is a program where faculty and staff engage in a year of deep learning about Carlow's heritage, history, and core values.  


August 2016 Mercy Leaders Pilgrimage

Young Mercy Leaders come together for a pilgrimage every two years. Participants are made up of young adults who are students at or alums of Mercy colleges and universities around the world. In August 2016, the third group of Carlow Mercy Leaders will attend. 

Participants in Mercy Leaders take a group photo before traveling to Ireland.

Reflections from the Mercy Leaders  

View additional photos from the trip.


May 2016 McDarby Institute Pilgrimage

Mercy International Centre, Dublin, Ireland

May 21-30, 2016

This pilgrimage was focused on the culture and spirituality of Ireland. The itinerary, led by Sister Sheila Carney, included programming at Mercy International Centre in Dublin. Participants visited locations of significance in the life of Catherine McAuley, including Carlow, Ireland, from where the original Sisters of Mercy traveled to the United States.

The pilgrimage was open to all alumni of the McDarby Institute. The 2016 participants came from a variety of staff and faculty departments.

Reflections from the Pilgrimage 

Some of the participants shared their reflections and experiences of the May pilgrimage:

  View additional photos from the trip.