• Form PDE 338C [pdf]  General Application for Pennsylvania Certificate
    • Form PDE 338G [pdf]  Completion of Approved Education Program
    • Form PDE 338V [pdf]  Verification of Experience [Only for Administrative or Supervisory Certificates]

     INSTRUCTIONS: Please Read Carefully 

    1. Read through the booklet and familiarize yourself with the process.
    2. Education majors, please make sure all necessary academic and PRAXIS testing requirements are met prior to application.
    3. Complete the General Application, Form PDE 338G [pdf] in its entirety. Also Complete Form PDE 338C [pdf]   Part A only. If you are applying for two areas of certification, please list your first certification in box 9 of Form PDE 338G [pdf] . Then list both of the areas you are applying for in the subject area on Form PDE 338C [pdf].
      1. Here is an example: (We will fill in the type code and area code)

      Subject Area or Field
      Type Code
      Area Code
      Elementary 6 1 2 8 1 0
      Early Childhood 6 1 2 8 4 0
    4. Education majors who are applying for a second certification do not have to have a physician’s signature on their application but, we do need a copy of your certificate enclosed with your application.
    5. Nursing students who are applying for certification should follow the above directions. Please attach a copy of your NURSING LICENSE (this is required by the state for certification). You do not have to take the PRAXIS tests.
    6. If applying for Administrative I or Supervisory I certification complete the certification of experience, Form PDE 338V and also, enclose a copy of your certificate.
    7. Submit the application along with the $40 a money order made payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Please send your application to:

    Carlow University
    School of Education
    3333 Fifth Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213
    Attention: Certification Officer

    Any questions, please call 412.578.6012.

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