Fully Online Programs

We offer the following all-online degrees and certificate programs:   

Low-Residency Programs with Online Components

We offer two programs that are a mix of both in-person/in-class and online classes:

Online Courses 

At Carlow, we incorporate entirely online, hybrid, and web-based courses as options for learning.

Online courses use the Internet and a learning management system to deliver course materials; and to facilitate regular and substantive interaction between instructor-student, student-student and student-content.

Hybrid courses combine the learning formats of in-class instruction and convenient, online computer-based learning, resulting in a reduction of the amount of time spent on campus. If you are registered in hybrid courses, you must attend scheduled campus meetings.

Web-based courses meet in-class and on-campus as instructed by your professor. Selected tools and features of a learning management system are used to supplement and/or expand on-campus instruction and activities.