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Online humanities courses

Available for students of Carlow University, Saint Vincent College and Ursuline College 

Through a grant from the CIC and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, students may take online, innovative humanities courses, with an applied, public dimension, through Carlow University, Saint Vincent College, Ursuline College. The cost of each course is included in the regular tuition at the student's home institution (except for the travel course offered in Summer 2019).

Participation requirements

Eligible students need to be full-time status (12 credits or more) at Carlow University, Saint Vincent College, or Ursuline College.

Registration information

Students are required to fill out the CIC Humanities Partnership form to be submitted to the registrar's office at the student's home institution.

Upcoming Courses

Fall 2020

Rustbelt to Revival: Anisfield-Wolf
Instructor: Dr. Katharine Trostel of Ursuline College

Cleveland's Anisfield-Wolf book award, "...the only juried prize in the nation for books that confront racism and celebrate diversity," is rooted in the idea that literature is a vehicle for social justice. In a rustbelt city like Cleveland, marred by a history of segregation and uneven decline, these themes are of special significance. This course will include reading the canon, meeting the authors, exploring the legacy of the founder, and engaging in the digital humanities. 3 credits 

Human Relationships for Children
Instructor: Dr. Dana Winters of Saint Vincent College

How do we encourage, enrich, and empower the human relationships around children and youth? This is the focal theoretical and practical question of this course. Serving children, youth, and families requires us to understand and address complex systems of challenges and opportunities as well as the simple needs of those we serve. Envisioned by Fred Rogers, the creator and host of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media at Saint Vincent College continues to apply research and practice in service of Fred’s words that “We all learn best, and grow best, through relationships.” This course will use the work of the Fred Rogers Center’s Simple Interactions initiative in promoting and affirming adult-child interactions as the foundation for healthy human development. We will examine the quality of human interactions across a wide range of contexts both culturally and institutionally, including orphanages, classrooms, early learning environments, youth-serving programs, children’s hospitals, and more. By learning from what ordinary people do extraordinarily well in simple, everyday interactions with children and youth, we can help to grow these practices across any child-serving setting. 3 credits

Christianity and American Society
Instructor: Dr. Jack Alverson of Carlow University

An exploration of the relationship between Christianity and the American experiment. Historical, theological, cultural, political, and sociological questions will be addressed pertaining to this relationship. 3 credits

Past Courses

Summer 2020

Multiethnic Literature 
Instructor: Sara Lindey, Saint Vincent College

God's Garden: Ecological Theology
Instructor: Linda Maydak, Carlow University

Philosophy of the Person
Instructor: Jacob Waldenmaier, Ursuline College

Spring 2020

Digital Humanities
Instructor: Lauren M. Churilla, Saint Vincent College

Visions of the Future: Utopias, Dystopias, and Science Fiction 
Instructor: Csaba Toth, Carlow University

Making Caribbean History
Instructor: Pamela McVay, Ursuline College

Global Perspectives: History and Culture of Peru
Instructor: Elaine Bennet and Fr. Brian Boosel, Saint Vincent College

Fall 2019

Christianity and American Society
Instructor: Jack Alverson, Carlow University

Small Press Publishing
Instructor: Michelle Gil-Montero, Saint Vincent College

Religion and US Politics
Instructor: Gina Messina, Ursuline College