The Office of Equity and Incusion is committed to transforming the learning experiences of all students recognizing the need for both educational excellence and inclusion. The office provides resources, programs, and training to support, embrace, and empower each member of the campus community.

The Office of Equity and Inclusion is one of the four offices within the Center for Mercy Heritage and Service.


The mission of the Office for Equity and Inclusion is to intentionally foster institutional equity, diversity, and inclusion by creating educational opportunities, raising awareness and providing strategies and tools to bring to life the vision of inclusive excellence, both on our campus and in our city.


The Office of Equity and Inclusion offers a variety of resources and programming that enhance college life and celebrate individual differences. We provide leadership opportunities that foster personal and professional development while coordinating inclusive initiatives. We encourage acceptance and appreciation of cultural differences where everyone is welcomed and supported. 


Who is welcome? 

EVERYONE is welcome and encouraged to come to the Office of Equity and Inclusion! We are all unique and have something to contribute to making Carlow, our community, and the world a better place!

What are some of the things the Office of Equity and Inclusion Does?

We sponsor, co-sponsor, and support academic, social, and cultural events on campus and in the community. Some events include, and are not limited to, student leadership conferences, diversity workshops and trainings, professional development, and academic celebrations.

How can I get involved?

Feel free to contact our office or just stop by. If you or someone you know is interested in something specific, we can help provide you with information, advice, and/or referrals to additional resources. 

Student Engagement

  • Diversity Ambassador Work Study Positions
  • Black Student Union (visit our Facebook group)
  • Resident Hall Diversity Training
  • LGBT Safe Zone Training
  • Intergroup Dialogue Course

Signature Programs and Past Events

  • Soul Food Dinner
  • Hispanic Heritage Month
  • LGBT Heritage Month
  • Native American Heritage Month
  • International Day of Peace
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Black History Month
  • Women's History Month
  • Social Justice Awards
  • African American Arts
  • Summer Enrichment
  • Holocaust Remembrance
  • Diversity Speaker Series
  • Civil Rights Film Series
  • Mentoring Middle School Girls
  • Salsa Dance Classes
  • Warm Winter Accessory Donations
  • Global Girl Gift Bazaar