The MSN, Education and Leadership is designed to prepare graduates to assume advanced roles in education, administration, or clinical practice and provide students with the skills necessary to lead in a variety of health care settings. The leadership curriculum is facilitated in a multidisciplinary learning environment with interactive teaching strategies oriented toward adult learners and collaborative group work. The primary focus of the Master of Science in Nursing, Education and Leadership program is the use of advanced practice leadership and educational knowledge in diverse health care and nursing education systems.

Quick Facts: No GRE or GMAT required. Available completely online. Classes begin in August.


Student Highlight

Tyler Traister


Mr. Tyler Traister

Tyler is a 2015 graduate of the Carlow MSN in Leadership and Education and is a current Carlow DNP student. Tyler has achieved a high level of recognition in the field of nursing as evidenced by three national nursing board certifications: Board Certified Medical Surgical Nurse, Oncology Certified Nursing, and Certified Nurse Educator, being a member of the Board of Directors for the local district 6 of the Pennsylvania State Nurses’ Association (PSNA), PSNA Cabinet on Nursing Practice and Professional Development, 2017 Oncology Nursing Society Millennial Advisory Panel and the awardee of the Jewish Healthcare Fellow - Jonas Salk, Patient Safety, & Death & Dying.

Tyler’s doctoral work lives up to Carlow’s mission of social justice by challenging the dominant discourse in healthcare and society to create a more equitable healthcare system for sexual and gender minorities. He is currently a nursing faculty at UPMC Shadyside and has received recognition for his inclusion efforts by honoring him as one of UPMC’s Dignity and Respect Champions. Tyler is actively engaged in advocating for equality for the LGBTQ population and has presented at local, state, and national levels. All of this was achieved in a little over three years of nursing – Licensed in January 2014.


Tyler also contributes to Carlow University’s graduate program by serving as a graduate assistant in curriculum revision and re-design and is participating in analyzing the results of research conducted with one of the DNP faculty.

MSN Education and Leadership Course Information

Course Requirements: 33 credits
Degree: Master of Science in Nursing
Locations: Main Oakland Campus or Online


NU-711 Health Care Innovation and Quality

Nurses of all kinds, but especially those who focus on leadership, must stay up to date with the latest developments in the science of nursing and health care. This course gives students a bedrock of fundamental principles and evidence-based guidelines for evaluating healthcare quality, regulatory management, and workplace leadership. As the landscape of nursing changes, nurses must change, too -- this course prepares students to be agents of that change.  

NU-737 Leadership in Health Care Ethics and Policy

The central concern of any nursing leadership program is the confluence of ethics and policy in health care, with specific application to nursing. Students will learn the general principles of ethics and those principles most often applied in health care. This course will include an overview of health care policymaking in the United States as well as the role of the “leader as advocate.” 

NU-705 Nursing Leadership

This course focuses on theoretical foundations and conceptual principles of nursing leadership and the skills necessary to practice leadership competently in health care environments. The course is designed to enhance leadership self-awareness and to encourage students to fashion personal perspectives on how to lead professionally. Analyzing trends and issues in the current health care system that have implication for exercising leadership will help students determine the way they can make a difference. 

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