Dale Huffman, in the Carlow ceramics studio, talks about the new MA in Art

An Art Program For Artists

Carlow University's Master of Arts in Art is a chance for artists to spend time in the studio with help and mentorship from Carlow's award-winning and highly respected faculty. It's not an MFA, though the MA in Art gives a huge advantage to students who want to pursue one later in their careers. It's not an undergraduate degree with Carlow's comprehensive approach to general education and the liberal arts, though it is a natural second step for artists who are serious about their craft. The MA in Art is a graduate program focused on making you a better artist through meaningful studio time and careful attention from mentors. 

This program comes in two specialties: a concentration in Ceramics/Pottery and a concentration in Painting.

The MA in Art is a natural fit for three distinct kinds of students:

  • K-12 art teachers, who benefit greatly from a masters as part of their required certification process
  • artists with a Bachelor's degree, who aren't ready for an MFA but who want to develop their skills
  • established or aspiring studio artists who want a more structured way to hone their craft
Apply now for the upcoming semester by following the link below. If you have any questions, please contact admissions@carlow.edu or Dale Huffman at dhuffman@carlow.edu 

Accelerated Option for Current Carlow Undergraduates

Undergraduate students with a major concentration in Art, Painting, and Ceramics are invited to apply to Carlow's Master of Arts in Art program prior to graduation. Juniors and seniors admitted to this program may be permitted to take up to nine credits of AR730, Advanced Projects, while they are still undergraduate students. 

To be given graduate credit, all graduate courses must be passed with a B- or above. These credits will also be counted toward the 120 credits needed for the undergraduate degree and be concurrently posted on the graduate transcript. Graduate courses will count for graduate credit only if the student earns a B or higher; graduate courses will count for undergraduate credit even if the student earns a C-.

This opportunity can save students time and money if they are planning to apply for admission to Carlow's MA in Art program. It is also an opportunity for students to engage in higher-level work and interact with graduate students while completing their undergraduate coursework. To stay in the program, students will need to maintain a 3.0 average.  Admission to the accelerated program may not be retro-active, it must be approved and in place before registration for the courses to be included.

In order to begin Accelerated MA courses you must:

  • Major in Art, Painting, or Ceramics
  • Have junior or senior status
  • Achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.0 while at Carlow
  • Meet Carlow residency requirements (minimum 18 AR credits at Carlow and appropriate overall credits at Carlow)
  • Achieve a minimum grade of B in the MPC courses to continue in the program
  • Gain undergraduate advisor's approval
  • Submit application materials by contacting the MA director
  • Gain approval of MA director 

Final and Full admission to the MA in Art depends upon a portfolio and transcript review upon completion of the undergraduate degree from Carlow.