A Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies provides an ideal major for the creative, independent student who is interested in an interdisciplinary focus. This major takes on the characteristics of a “guided studies” or “directed studies” program whereby the student, working closely with the program advisor, has the opportunity to “create a major” according to personal education and career goals. This major further allows the student to gain significant depth in three areas of study and, at the same time, to acquire the breadth that is characteristic of a liberal arts education.

While a degree in Liberal Studies is a very practical degree in itself, this major is also an ideal preparation for students who are planning to pursue studies beyond the bachelor degree level. It is especially practical for students who have particular career goals that require in-depth study in more than one academic area. It is an individually-designed program of study whereby students choose three minors. At least two minors must be from any of the liberal arts programs such as those found in the humanities, art, the sciences, English, Women’s Studies, and the social sciences. Students may choose one minor in an area outside of the liberal arts programs—Accounting, Business Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, or Health Coach minor.


Liberal Studies Major

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