Hopkins Communication Lab at Carlow University
photo by Molly Mitchell

Tom Hopkins Communication Lab is a state-of-the-art communication lab that is open to all members of the university.

Where speaking helps you learn

Develop, practice, and record professional presentations 

The communication lab team members can help you with brainstorming a topic for any presentation, researching your speech, outlining your speech, building your persuasive argument through evidence, creating your visual aids, coping with speech anxiety, taping your speech, or practicing your speech. 

Engage in unique student work experience  

The Hopkins lab employs student workers from all majors to expand their digital and interpersonal communication skills. Students are tutors, researchers and undergraduate teaching assistants, supporting all the oral and digital communication projects throughout the university. 

Create and Edit dynamic videos


Students develop video projects in the communication lab, learning to expand their creativity through digital storytelling. Student tutors provide training in content editing in groups or privately, allowing students the ability to design custom, digital visual aids. 

Simulate real work experiences

Students are able to practice high impact learning experiences before they face these same situations after graduation. Nursing students practice patient intake questionnaires, social work and psychology students practice and record mock sessions to improve their communication skills.

Perform research


The lab provides a space to conduct undergraduate and graduate research in the field of your choice. Students have faculty support for the project and utilize the spaces in the lab to expand their investigative skills.


A photo of Brooke Wateska holding her award while faculty Michael Balmert and Rachel Furman stand next to her
Congratulations to Senior Brooke Wateska, who won the National Association of Comm Centers Tutor of the Year Award!


If you are interested in becoming a peer tutor, please email hopkinslab@carlow.edu

Meet the Director

Rachel Mayer Friem, M.A.
Phone: 412.578.8781
Email: rmfurman@carlow.edu