Will I feel at home in the Carlow University Honors Program?

If you enjoy being challenged, pushing yourself beyond ordinary limits, discussing controversial issues, and expressing yourself in new and creative ways, then the Carlow Honors program is definitely for you. Carlow’s Honors students are diverse, representing a wide variety of majors, backgrounds, ages, and nationalities.

Do Honors students take many extra courses?

No. Most of the Honors courses you will take will fulfill University requirements—Honors Connecting to Carlow (CTC), the first year skills course (either Honors SKW or Honors SKC), the Honors project (completed in a class of your choosing), and an Honors section of an Ethics and Social Responsibility or a Service Learning Course. 

How will Honors courses affect my progress in my major field of study?

Honors courses provide innovative and exciting ways to explore disciplinary and interdisciplinary topics. In fact, students often say their Honors courses actually enhance their major field of study by offering novel perspectives and new approaches to learning.

What else does the Honors program have to offer?

In addition to providing a supportive and stimulating atmosphere for learning, Carlow’s Honors program also offers enriching cultural and social opportunities that foster individual growth, leadership potential, and creative expression. We offer field trips, career seminars and lunches, volunteer opportunities, and whatever else you wish to suggest!

Small Classes
  • Most Honors classes are limited to 15 students, which means you'll get that extra attention from faculty that makes a real difference in your academic success. But the attention doesn't stop when you graduate. You'll forge strong connections that will continue throughout your professional career.
Priority Registration 
  • Honors students register for classes prior to the rest of the student body, assuring that you'll get the classes and sections that you prefer.
Entry Into Accelerated Programs 
  • With the minimum GPA of 3.6 to maintain a spot in the Honors Program, you can apply for a spot in an accelerated bachelor's to master's program, which means you can take up to 12 credits at the graduate level at undergraduate pricing. It's an opportunity to save both time —and money —to get the degrees you need and want.

Opportunity to Serve on the Honors Student Senate
  • This is your program. Honors students serve as Senators who control the programming aspects of the Honors budget where they plan events and experiences for their fellow Honors students.

Cultural and Social Programs
  • Try new experiences, strengthen your leadership potential, and have fun with creative expression through visits to historic Pittsburgh landmarks, such as the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History, the Andy Warhol Museum, Fallingwater, The Pittsburgh Opera, and take part in social exchanges such as discussions about global conflict with a Bhutanese refugee at a local Bhutanese restaurant.
Novel Perspectives and New Approaches to Learning
  • No doubt about it. The Carlow Honors Curriculum is rigorous and challenging. It's also exciting. It's your chance to look at the world through a different lens, go deeper into your academic field, and explore the power of interdisciplinary collaborations.