Honors Courses 

Honors courses are designed to enhance students’ major fields of study through novel perspectives and new approaches to learning. The Honors Program consists of four Honors courses:

  • Honors Section of Connecting to Carlow (CTC)
    Honors students who enroll at Carlow as first year, first semester college students are required to take an Honors-designated section of CTC during their first semester. Students who enroll in the Honors Program after their first semester of college are not required to take this course.
  • Honors Section of one Skills course
    Honors students are required to take an Honors section of either Skills Writing (SKW) or Skills Communication (SKC). 
  • Honors Project - An Honors Experience within the Major
    Honors students work with a faculty mentor to explore topics relevant to their majors through an Honors-designated major course or special tutorial. To complete the Honors project, choose a course, discuss the project with the professor, then complete a 'Tutorial Form' with that professor and the Honors Program director. 
  • An Honors section of either an Ethics and Social Responsibility (ESR) course or a Honors section of a Service Learning (SL) course
    These courses are often built into a major. Check with your advisor to find out if there is an Honors option for one of these courses within the major. An Honors section of an ESR or SL course is offered by the Honors program, in a rotation through different disciplines, each spring semester. (This course replaces the Honors Junior/Senior seminar requirement.)

Eligibility Requirements

There are two pathways to enter the Honors Program: 

  • For High School Students:
    The Honors Program requires an admissions application (no separate Honors Program application necessary), a minimum 3.6 GPA, verbal/math SAT of 1170 or composite ACT of 24 and completion of at least two advanced, accelerate, or Honors courses.
  • For First-Year Students Completing 12-37 Credits Once at Carlow:
    The Program requires a cumulative 3.6 college GPA.

To remain in the Program, students must maintain a 3.6 (out of 4.0) cumulative GPA as full-time students and complete three Honors courses at Carlow.

International Students 

The Director of the Center for Global Learning nominates international students who are eligible for the Honors Program.