The Sisters of Mercy Motherhouse (Convent) on the campus of Carlow University
During Founders Week in 2008, Carlow University dedicated a plaque honoring the 223 Sisters of Mercy who have served the University and the Campus School as faculty, staff and trustees.

To see all those names listed in one place is a clear witness to the commitment of the Sisters of Mercy to the origins and the ongoing life of Mount Mercy College, then Carlow College, and now Carlow University.

While the list is striking, even more inspiring are the stories behind the names—from Sister Philip Neri McCarthy who proudly wrote across her community service sheet “I was one of the first five faculty members on the day Mount Mercy College opened!” to Sister Andre Isidore who, after hearing loss ended her ministry as a music teacher, cheerfully served in the mailroom and all those in between—each is a story of dedication and devotion to this education ministry.

Some ministered here for decades, some served during the summer or taught Saturday classes. All helped to create, the nurture and further the life of the University as we know it now.

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