Meetings and Retreats

Scripture Study, Faith Sharing and Community Building

Whether you’ve studied scripture with a group, or if it’s something new you want to try, small group Bible studies are a great way to stay grounded, meet new friends, and learn more about yourself and your faith.

Interdenominational Bible Study

These student-led groups meet at the convenience of the students registered. Trained student facilitators lead the group in discussion and prayer that will help you apply scriptural teachings to your life. Contact Campus Ministry to join a group already meeting or for assistance in forming a group based on your needs. 

Catholic Bible Study

All are welcome to participate in these hour-long group discussions which look at scripture with an eye to creating a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ through the scriptures and enhancing your participation in the Eucharist and other sacraments. 

Faith Seekers

Whether you’re looking to get more out of mass, or have questions about the Catholic faith, this group is a casual opportunity to relax and talk about whatever is on your mind. Discussions will start with a look at the Sunday scripture reading and go from there. Fr. Adam will lead this weekly gathering on Thursday evenings.

Faith Forum

Learn about life from a new faith perspective! Members of our community, along with a leader in their tradition, share their faith story and interesting facts about their tradition. Each month we’ll look at a topic from a new perspective. Most events are on campus—but we’ll be co-hosting events with other area colleges and universities. Formats will differ—but you can be sure you’ll pick up some new insights as we work and live with people from a broad spectrum of religions and traditions. Check the Carlow University Portal for information on events already planned including: Faithful Citizenship: The Environment; Holy Pittsburgh; tours of a local mosque, temple, and cathedral; Faithful Citizenship: Preference for the Poor; Baha’i; and Jewish traditions


Busy Persons Retreat and Spiritual Direction

This annual event makes getting in touch with God a great habit that you can fit into everyday life. Start with an evening of prayer and set up your individual, daily, half-hour meetings with your spiritual director for the coming week. Schedules are based on your busy life. Sisters and Associates from the Sisters of Mercy guide your reading and reflections. Once you’ve participated in a Busy Person Retreat, arrangements can be made for ongoing spiritual direction. 

Vocations Retreat

Don’t know where your gifts and talents can take you? This retreat is designed for students who find they need to reassess their goals, skills, and talents midway through their college career. This weekend experience combines the very best resources of Career Services and Campus Ministry to help you hear God’s call to you through your skills, interests, and the growth you have experienced since selecting your major when you were in high school. Contact Campus Ministry or Career Services for more information.

Retreat for Those Graduating

Enjoy this relaxing evening of reflection to take a break as you transition from college to career. Take the time to appreciate your educational journey and to look ahead in anticipation to your next steps in your journey. Scheduled in the weeks prior to commencement, you’ll receive an e-mail invitation.