The graduate Early Childhood Education Prek-4 certification program at Carlow University focuses on educating children from birth to grade four in any context—preschool, elementary school, child care center, family, or community. The program is rooted in Carlow’s core mercy values and serves as ethical leadership in a diverse and dynamic educational landscape. 

Students learn how to honor diversity and form strong inclusive relationships between child and caregiver/teacher. They learn that a child’s environment needs to be rooted in trust; physically and psychologically safety. They learn that the caregiver/teacher relationship needs to be collaborative and characterized by advocacy for the child.

The program is grounded in the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC) guidelines for developmentally appropriate practice, ethical behavior, and professionalism. Competencies for early childhood education are based on current research, Pennsylvania Department of Education’s requirements, child development theory, NAEYC standards and guidelines, and the pedagogy of relationship. This is a program for teachers and caregivers who strive to make the world a better place for children and families.

This is the only Pennsylvania university to be a CREATE lab satellite. Early childhood students learn visual programming through Arts & Bots, explore logical thinking and circuitry through Circuit Blocks, and get the 'big picture' through GigaPan photography.

Early childhood students explore developmentally and responsible ways to integrate technology into the classroom (iPads, virtual and augmented reality apps, Google cardboards, interactive projectors, etc). Students also participate in direct reimbursement of Rising STARS tuition reimbursement program

QUICK FACTS: No GRE or GMAT required. Take courses online and/or in class.

MEd in Early Childhood Education PreK-4 w/Certification

Course Requirements: 36 credits
Degree: Master of Education
Locations: Main Oakland Campus

Notable Courses

ED-704: Child, Family, and Culture

Examine the development of the family and the concept of childhood, and explore the inter-relatedness of the child, family, and community. Gain sensitivity to the meaning of education in its broadest sense through an understanding of theoretical content and its application to the lives of children and their families.

Certification Information

After completing the course requirements of the university, the student can apply for certification after completing the following:

  • Score 4 or higher on both PDE 430 evaluation forms
  • Pass the PECT PreK-4 exam
  • Apply for certification at the following website

TIMS Website:

for more details about these classes and more, please visit the Course Catalog section of our website. For a list of every course available in the MEd in Early Childhood Education program, click here.