The Grace Ann Geibel Institute for Justice and Mercy (The Institute) was established in 2004 to honor Sister Grace Ann Geibel who served as Carlow University’s President for seventeen years. The Institute was endowed by a $ 1million gift from Elsie Hilliard Hillman through the Elsie Hilliard Hillman Foundation. Carlow University faculty and staff developed its mission, purpose and operating framework during a series of campus-wide planning sessions that took place in the mid-2000s.

The purpose of the Grace Ann Geibel Institute for Justice and Mercy is to develop a women-centered approach to leadership that seeks to challenge systemic oppression by engaging students, faculty, staff and community in research, education and outreach. Its vision is guided by the mission, history and traditions of Carlow University and its founders and sponsors, the Sisters of Mercy. Its operation is rooted in the principle of academic freedom, and it primarily values the pursuit of knowledge and praxis related to the exploration of the general question, “What makes a just society?”

The Institute helps faculty and staff realize projects that demonstrate these values through financial support and technical assistance. It is guided by a rotating team of faculty co-facilitators with administrative and strategic support delivered by the Social Justice Institutes of Carlow University.

The goals of The Grace Ann Geibel Institute and its supported projects are:

  • To address issues of justice and social responsibility through research, education and outreach projects led by Carlow faculty and staff
  • To support faculty development that enhances knowledge of 21st Century, women-centered approaches to addressing issues of justice and social responsibility
  • To increase the engagement of Carlow University and its faculty and students in community, corporate, cultural, civic and educational efforts and initiatives that address issues of justice and social responsibility

The Institute understands that both faculty and staff at many levels throughout the University may undertake valuable work that supports these goals. Because of this, both faculty and staff are eligible to apply to The Institute for project support. However, when limited resources require that The Institute choose between equally worthy project applications submitted by faculty and staff, priority will be given to faculty projects in acknowledgment of University policies that encourage faculty scholarship. 

Each year, The Grace Ann Geibel Institute conducts two cycles of grant making. The opportunity is announced via the University’s intranet and through communication with University Deans and Chairs who are asked to bring the opportunity to the attention of their faculty and staff. A peer panel comprised of faculty members is convened to review proposals and make funding recommendations.


Grant Application and Reporting Processes