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General Studies

Sure, we can tell you what majors we offer — if you really know exactly what you want to do and be.

But, to be honest, what we’d really like to know is what drives you?

What’s really important to you? What do you value? Yes, you should look at majors through a career lens, but not just in terms of salary. Maybe you’re most comfortable leading the way. Maybe you’d rather work behind the scenes to get things done. Or maybe what matters most is making a difference — a meaningful difference — in your world.

At Carlow University, you can choose your own path—one that will put you in a great place today and 20 years from now.

Carlow Graduates Do Good & Do Well

The Bachelor of Arts in General Studies is designed for the student who wishes to pursue a university degree grounded in the liberal arts in the most expedient, yet enriching, way possible. The student fulfills the specified core required of all Carlow University students but enjoys a maximum degree of flexibility in choosing the remaining courses. It is a viable option for the student with varied interests who wishes, for example, to study the plays of Shakespeare in one course, pursue the theories of economics in another, and biblical interpretation in yet another. 

A required concentration in one area of study assures that the student will reach a level of progressive depth in a single discipline of his or her choice. This is also an excellent program for a student who is currently employed but can advance further in the workplace with a university degree. With the help of an advisor the student can creatively shape the direction of studies in light of personal and professional goals. This program will be particularly beneficial to students who have decided to exit their original major but who still desire to graduate in a timely manner. 


  • Students must successfully achieve 120 credits in order to graduate. A minimum 2.0 grade point average is required.
  • All students must fulfill the requirements of the Carlow Compass.
  • In addition to the Carlow Compass each student must choose one area of concentration, taking a minimum of 12 credits in one discipline. At least two of those courses must be at the 200 level or higher.
  • In the last semester, the student will produce a thesis or project that demonstrates integrative thinking and proficiency of the Program of Study outcomes. This will be chosen and completed under the direction of the program advisor.
  • The remaining credits needed to reach 120 will be considered electives chosen at the discretion of the student in conjunction with the advisor.