Ohio is Carlow Celtics Country.

Michelle Adkins Says Ohio Is Celtic Country

Michelle Adkins and LuckyCarlow sometimes feels a world away for junior Michelle Adkins, a Beverly, Ohio native, who is home for the summer.

"No WiFi," admits Adkins. She exchanges glances with her teenaged sister Kelsey, and they shrug in unison. Eyes turn to the fenced pastures out back—nature’s playground.

Farm fields and woodlands fill the backyard view that includes a five-stall barn for the family’s horses, an above-ground pool, and a basketball hoop.

Adkins’ love of basketball brought her to Pittsburgh. A coach told her to check out the city when she was a shooting guard for the well-respected varsity team at Fort Frye High School.

"When visiting Pittsburgh, I realized I definitely did not want a large school. Carlow had great nursing programs and a basketball team, so I toured campus—and that was it," Adkins says.

Decision-making is one of Adkins’ strengths. She decided freshman year to change her major to health management—a tidy fit for her deft organizational skills and medical interests. Skills in quick thinking and strategic maneuvers developed over her lifetime—on horseback.

At age four, Adkins began competitive barrel racing. The equine sport involves galloping a cloverleaf pattern between three 55-gallon oil drums for the fastest time. Her personal best is fifteen-and-a-half seconds. She qualified twice for the National Barrel Horse Association World Championship in Georgia.

“The adrenaline rush you get after riding a horse going full speed is crazy,” she says.

Lately, Adkins is keeping a tight rein on her career aspirations. In addition to her position as guard for the Carlow Celtics, she’s club treasurer for Business Leaders of Carlow. She also just completed a human resources internship at Marietta Memorial Hospital in Marietta, Ohio.

Behind her sweet smile, she has more than spreadsheets under control. A master planner, she completed college-level courses in high school. Thanks to credit transfers, she expects to graduate in May 2018, a year early.

Rather than ride into the Pittsburgh sunset after graduation, she is considering an MBA with a focus in Health Care Management at Carlow. Eventually, she’d like to be in charge of a unit in a children’s hospital setting—either in Pittsburgh or closer to her hometown.

“My friends and I dream about running a hospital together,” she says. “Thanks to our career preparation at Carlow, the good connections to healthcare providers, and the amazing people I’ve met, I believe we could.”

By Ann Lyon Ritchie