Early childhood teachers must be well grounded in contemporary ideas of child development. They must appreciate a child’s potential within a complex environment and an awareness of a their own relationship to children, their families, and other adults. It is not enough for a teacher to understand what these modern theories are -- she must be able to integrate those theories into everyday practice. 

Carlow early childhood teachers are creative, sensitive professionals who are open to new theories and research. They adhere to strict professional and personal standards of ethics and celebrate the uniqueness of every person.

QUICK FACTS: begin fall or spring; no GRE or GMAT required; take courses at Carlow's main campus in Oakland. 

MEd in Early Childhood Education

Course Requirements: 36 credits
Degree: Master of Education
Locations: Main Oakland Campus

Notable Courses

ED-707: Understanding and Facilitating Children's Play (3 credits) 

Take in an overview of play and symbolic representation in a child's overall development. Learn to integrate a play-based curriculum into an early childhood program using current theories and research, and the development of the capacity for play and fantasy across developmental stages.

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