Disabilities services. A handicapped parking space at Carlow University.

Carlow University makes every reasonable effort to provide qualified applicants and students with disabilities with the opportunity to take full advantage of its programs, activities, services, and facilities. The University's Disabilities Services Office does this, in part, by arranging specific reasonable accommodations for students and prospective students.  


If you are considering attending Carlow University and are a person with a disability there are accommodations which can be made for you with proper documentation via the Disabilities Services Office. Any accommodations a student may receive are based on their individual needs. Examples of some of the types of accommodations available are listed below:


  • Policy Regarding Reasonable Accommodations
  • Policy and Guidelines Regarding Accommodations
  • Documentation Guidelines for Students Requesting Accommodations
For testing accommodations or to make an appointment for a conference about a student, please contact Disabilities Services.


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