Dining Services

Visit the Dining Services site for current menus, hours of operation, meal plans, and other information beyond what is contained here.


Carlow University works with Aladdin Food Management to provide students, faculty and staff with delicious and healthful dining options on campus. A wide variety of meals, beverages, and "grab-and-go" items are available in convenient locations. 

Recognizing the importance of nutrition and sustainable communities, our dining services staff follow practices that support "feel good" choices:  

  • Food purchased from local farms, resulting in fresher, more nutritional meals
  • Cooks emphasize the use of fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains as featured ingredients
  • Milk from cows not treated with rBGH
  • Non-hydrogenated canola shortening used to minimize the presence of trans-fatty acids in deep-fried foods. Heart-healthy olive oil and canola oil are used in many of salad dressings.
  • Trayless dining decreases waste, conserves natural resources, and reduces the introduction of polluting detergents


Gluten intolerant? Problem with lactose? Vegan or vegetarian? We’ll help you figure out your meal planning. Contact the Director of Food Services for a consultation when you arrive on campus.


Tiernan Cafeteria

Located on the ground floor of Tiernan Hall near the center of campus, this full-service cafeteria is the primary dining facility serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday through Friday, and brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

Diners must present a Carlow ID to enter Tiernan Cafeteria. Meal plans will include a limited number of guest passes for students to use at their discretion. No carryout is permitted from the cafeteria.

See the hours and prices for Tiernan Cafeteria.

Celtic Café

Located in A.J. Palumbo Hall of Science and Technology, the Celtic Café serves soups, salads, and sandwiches and features a convenient seating area in the atrium.

See the hours for Celtic Café.

Frank B. Fuhrer Café

Located in the University Commons, Frank’s Café serves sandwiches, salads, and Starbucks.

See the hours for Frank's Café.


Flexible meal plans are available for resident and commuter students. Each plan includes meal blocks to be used in Tiernan Cafeteria, plus ex dollars for use in the Celtic Café or Tiernan Cafeteria.

If you choose to live in the residence halls, you will receive a dining plan contract in your orientation packet. If you will commute to campus, you can apply for a meal plan in the Office of Campus Life on the second floor of University Commons.

Residential Meal Plan Options:

  • 280 Blocks (meals) plus $50 in Flex Dollars
  • 200 Blocks plus $125 in Flex Dollars
  • 150 Blocks plus $160 in Flex Dollars

Commuter Meal Plan Options: 

  • 20 Blocks plus $20 in Flex Dollars
  • 30 Blocks plus $30 in Flex Dollars
  • 50 Blocks plus $50 in Flex Dollars