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Criminology is a major within the Psychology and Counseling Department. The major is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the nature of crime and the effectiveness and fairness of society’s efforts to prevent and to control it. Students engage in a cross-disciplinary approach to the study of crime, offenders, and victims, as well as the agencies, laws, policies, and processes of the criminal justice system. The Criminology Program emphasizes the relationship between psychology and criminology, and addresses how mental health issues, trauma, and societal disadvantages affect crime at the individual and community levels.

In keeping with the social justice mission of the Sisters of Mercy, the Carlow Criminology Program emphasizes prevention and remediation strategies for those that have been convicted of crimes. Students are trained to become agents of change by developing critical thinking skills through problem-based learning so they can impact the fields relevant to criminology professionals regardless of setting.

A Psychology Concentration is embedded within the Criminology Program, which ensures that students have the knowledge relevant to direct practice professions in the field and helps develop an awareness of the critical role that mental health plays in criminal behavior. Still, students may pair their studies with additional minors in Pre-Law, Counseling, or Crisis & Trauma.

Criminology graduates are admitted to law school, graduate programs, and are prepared for careers in domestic and international law enforcement and security, adult and juvenile corrections, and corporate investigative work.


  • Flexible options for degree completion for non-traditional students & students outside of the region
  • On-site and “virtual” internship opportunities
  • Qualified students may participate in:
    • 3-year bachelor's degree
    • Early enrollment in Carlow's Master of Psychology (MAP) with Forensic Psychology concentration
    • Early enrollment in Carlow’s MBA & Master of Fraud & Forensics (MFF) 
    • Early assurance admissions, some with financial awards, to graduate programs in public policy, international affairs, information management, and law with universities in the surrounding area

Jeimy Ibarra, criminology graduate Jeimy Ibarra '18, Criminology and Psychology. Read her story.

Where Our Grads Go 

Below are some of the career paths you may consider as with a Criminology degree. We're only scratching the surface of opportunities available:


Combining training in psychology, career paths available in the criminology field include: criminologist*, forensic psychologist*, or penologist*. 


Through the lens of social justice, you may find a career in criminal justice by working in the courts system as a: bailiff, court clerk, judge*, attorney*, or law librarian.


Professionals in law enforcement may work as uniformed officers, investigators, or in support roles in various agencies. Some of the jobs in this area include: forensic accountant*, CIA agent, computer forensics*, counter terrorism expert, crime scene investigator, FBI agent, compliance officer, IRS agent, cyber security expert, or immigration agent, to name just a handful.


Enforcement of punishments along with rehabilitation of criminals is another area you may pursue with a Criminology degree. Some of the positions you could hold, include: corrections officers, juvenile probation counselor, correctional treatment specialist, probation officer, or even substance abuse counselor*.

*Requires additional and/or advanced degree work.
 This is just a sample where our graduates are working

  • Auberle Family Services 
  • Center for Victims 
  • Children Youth & Family Services 
  • Carlow University Police 
  • Mercy Behavioral Health 
  • Women’s Law Project 
  • Pittsburgh Action Against Rape (PAAR)
  • University Center for Social and Urban Research (UCSUR) at Pitt


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