Today’s knowledge economy requires new skills. At Carlow University, we understand the complexities that adult learners encounter in adding education to their busy lives. Whether you plan to advance your existing career or pursue a new exciting path, we can help you get there. With customized degree and non-degree programing and flexible scheduling, we can build a signature education that not only works for you, it also works with you – because at Carlow, we believe in you and stand committed to helping you reach your educational goals. If you're an employer, we can work with you, too, by helping you engage your workforce in Carlow's many educational opportunities. 

Advance your career - for studentsAdvance your workforce - for companies

Advance Your Career
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Advance Your Workforce
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Adult learners must balance multiple obligations of work, family and social commitments. They need an educational partner committed to providing flexible solutions and the ongoing support they require to assist them in reaching their individual educational and career goals. -- Dean James (Jim) Ice, PhD


College of Professional Studies: 


Alcohol and Drug Counseling
Autism Teaching
Early Childhood Supervision
Online Teaching
STEM Teaching

Cyber Threat Research & Analytics
Fraud and Forensics
Healthcare Management
Human Resources
Project Management

Credits for Life and Work Experience

Competency Based Education

Hub for Workforce Development