Carlow's Catholic identity

The Mission and Identity of Carlow University as a Catholic Institution of Higher Education has its deep roots in Catholic Intellectual Tradition.

Carlow’s Catholic identity derives from its foundation by the Sisters of Mercy and calls us to honor the teachings of the Catholic Church and to celebrate its significant liturgical events. This identity is strengthened by our participation in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition and our adherence to Catholic Social Teaching.

The Catholic Intellectual Tradition holds that faith and reason are not opposing positions but partners in the quest for truth, each illuminating the other. It is viewed as a 2000 year long dynamic conversation in which we continue to ask questions about our human experience and its ultimate meaning. “In the Catholic university, wisdom accumulated in the past is handed on, criticized, re-worked, and re-appropriated in response to new questions prompted by new experiences , new evidence, new arguments and new interlocutors.” Truth, in this view, is not static and unchanging but the source of ongoing discovery and enlightenment – an apt description for the life of a university.

Catholic Social Teaching is found in documents of the Catholic Church which speak to the social order. Primarily, this body of teaching is characterized by an insistence the dignity of the human person, a preferential option for the poor and vulnerable and a concern for the common good.
Adherence to these principles creates the ambiance of a Catholic institution.

Because Carlow is a Catholic university, we welcome members of all faiths to our community, provide resources as needed and accompaniment in their spiritual journeys. Openness to the faith and traditions of all creates a community rich in diversity and committed to inclusion.

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