The Carlow University CARE Team collaborates with faculty and staff to provide
confidential support to promote student safety, success, and overall well-being. 

The hope is to promote advocacy for students who may be in or susceptible to high-risk
situations by identifying certain trends or early warning signs.

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What Should I Report to CARE?

Please note, the following list is not exhaustive.
  • Unusual or erratic behavior
  • Written work or creative expression with troubling themes or references
  • Verbal or written threats made by a student toward another student, faculty, or staff or actions that threaten personal safety
  • Written or verbal expressions of suicidal ideation or intent
  • Abrupt changes in student academic performance, class attendance, or engagement
  • Basic needs insecurity (food & housing)

What Should NOT be Reported to CARE?

  • Students who have never attended a class. Please report never attended students to
    the Registrar.
  •  Academic concerns such as missing or incomplete assignments or poor test scores. Consistent academic struggles should be handled internally as direct faculty-student conversations.
  • Emergency situations such as acute medical or mental health situations that require immediate attention. Call 911 and the Carlow Police (emergency phone 412-578-6007) if immediate emergency response is needed.

What Happens After I File a Report?

Once the CARE Team receives a report, someone from the team will proceed to gather as
much information as possible to determine if/when an intervention should occur and in
what manner. In most cases students will be contacted with information about both on- and
off-campus resources they may need.

Other than receiving confirmation that the CARE Report was submitted, those who make
reports generally do not receive updates or further information in order to protect the
confidentiality of the students.