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Carlow University students majoring in biology may combine a Bachelor of Science degree with a Master of Science degree in collaboration with Duquesne University Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences. Students complete required molecular/cellular biology courses at Carlow University and qualified students apply for admission to the Master of Science program. 

After the first four years of study, students will have earned a Bachelor of Science in biology from Carlow University. After completion of the fifth year at Duquesne University, students will have earned a Master of Science in biotechnology. 

Examples of courses taken in the Master of Science degree program include Elements of Biotechnology, Biotechnology Leadership, Ethics in Biotechnology, and Bioanalytical Chemistry. 

Students completing this program will have the added expertise and training for careers in industry, government, and academia.

Where Our Graduates Go

As a graduate of Carlow’s biology program, you have many options. Recent Carlow graduates who majored in biology have pursued graduate school, medical school, or veterinary school to become college professors, medical doctors, therapists, and veterinarians. Other Carlow graduates have accepted jobs right out of school as perfusionists, data quality reviewers, autopsy specialists, laboratory researchers/assistants, biological science technicians, surgical pathology technicians, and secondary school teachers.

Here is a small sample of the businesses and institutions that employ recent graduates of Carlow's biology program

  • Allegheny HealthNetwork
  • Animal Rescue League and Wildlife Center
  • Cleveland University Hospital
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • UPMC Prebyterian
  • Inova Fairfax Hospital
  • University of Pittsburgh