If you have graduated from high school four or more years ago, and are applying for bachelor's degree program, Carlow considers you an adult undergraduate student. This is the tuition and fees schedule for adult undergrads:

Adult Undergraduate Tuition - Per Credit
Tuition RN-BSN Program Courses - $495
Respiratory Care Degree Completion Program Courses - $520
Adult Undergraduate Courses - $695
Clinical Perfusion & Other Affiliate Programs - $889

Placeholding Deposit:   
New traditional undergraduate students  $100.00

Above are credited to new student's tuition account for first semester of enrollment (non-refundable).

Room Reservation Deposit: Reserves a space for new residence hall students and is retained until graduation or the end of the residence hall contract. Also serves as a security deposit. $100.00
Upperclassman Room Holding Deposit: Reserves a specific room and will be deducted from the Spring semester bill. double: $100.00
single: $500.00