If you have graduated from high school four or more years ago, and are applying for a bachelor's degree program, Carlow considers you an adult undergraduate student. This is the tuition and fees schedule for adult undergrads for the 2018-2019 academic year:

Adult Undergraduate Tuition - Per Credit
Tuition RN-BSN Program Courses - $495
Respiratory Care Degree Completion Program Courses - $520
Adult Undergraduate Courses - $695
Clinical Perfusion & Other Affiliate Programs - $889

Placeholding Deposit:   
New traditional undergraduate students  $100.00

Above are credited to new student's tuition account for first semester of enrollment (non-refundable).

Room Reservation Deposit: Reserves a space for new residence hall students and is retained until graduation or the end of the residence hall contract. Also serves as a security deposit. $100.00
Upperclassman Room Holding Deposit: Reserves a specific room and will be deducted from the Spring semester bill. double: $100.00
single: $500.00